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Non-hierarchic groups (cyclic)

An example of non-hierarchic grouped fields. A dropdown allows the user to choose which set of data is displayed in a bar chart.

Sometimes you may find it useful to group fields which do not form a natural hierarchy. The reason would be to enable the user to make quick changes to the data to be displayed in the chart or list box.

Any fields can be grouped together in a cyclic group. When a cyclic group is used as a chart dimension, the chart will initially use the first field in the list. The user may then switch to another field by clicking the cycle icon in the chart. The fields are displayed in the order in which they appear in the group's field list. When the last field in the list has been used, the turn goes back to the first field again. In this way the chart may cycle through the fields indefinitely.


Do not confuse cyclic groups with Cyclic Group in chart expressions. Cyclic dimension groups are made up of a number of fields, whereas the cyclic display in chart expressions cycles through a number of chart expressions.