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Find/Replace (Script)

The Find/Replace dialog is used for searching for specific text strings within the script and for making multiple or bulk changes to it. It opens from the Edit menu in the Edit Script dialog.

Find/Replace fields
Field Description
Find What The text string to search for.
Replace With The text to replace the search string with.
Find Next Moves selection to the next occurrence of the search string.
Replace Makes a replacement in the selected section.
Replace All Makes replacements in all occurrences of the search string.
Case Sensitive If this check box is marked, the text search will be case sensitive.
Word Search If this check box is marked QlikView will only find occurrences of the search string forming a whole word (delimited by spaces or other non-letter characters).
Search All Tabs If this check box is marked, the find/replace operation will be made over all script tabs.
Up Mark this radio button to search up through the script.
Down Mark this radio button to search down through the script.