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File Wizard: Type - Excel XLS

Excel XLS settings
Setting Description
Tables In the Tables group it is possible to choose a specific table when reading from a file containing several tables, e.g. HTML or Excel files. In Excel, all sheets in a workbook and all named areas (e.g. multiple cells with names) in the worksheets are identified as possible tables. Note that the Excel sheet names must not contain the characters &, > or <.
When defining a named area on a sheet, the selected Scope must be Workbook and the Refers to field must keep its original value (the one assigned by default). Otherwise, the named area might not be seen as a table.
Header Size Here it is possible to omit the header part of the file: a specified number of lines or bytes (only for delimited, fixed record and Excel files).
Labels If the field names (column headers) are stored in the first line of the table, this control should be set to Embedded. The DIF format also allows field names to be explicitly specified, and if that is the case, this control should be set to Explicit. If the table contains no field names, the None alternative should be used.