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Direct Discovery with QlikView Server and Publisher

QlikView Server Settings

Some settings on QlikView Server should be reviewed if Direct Discovery is used on a QlikView application.

Information noteThese settings will affect all QlikView documents that exist on the same QlikView Server.

Object Calculation Time Limit

As the Direct Discovery feature queries an external system from QlikView, the chart calculation time is dependent on the performance of the underlying system. It is advisable to set the Object Calculation Time Limit setting on QlikView Management Console high enough to allow enough time for the QlikView chart to get the direct discovery query results back from the data source.

This setting is located on the Performance tab of QlikView Server listed on the QlikView Management Console.

Max Symbols in Charts

The Max Symbols in Charts setting is used to set the number of data points to be displayed on QlikView charts. Please note that as a Direct Discovery query can return many distinct values, it is advisable to review this setting to allow QlikView to display the desired number of data points on charts.

QlikView Publisher

QlikView Publisher requires read access to database tables used by Direct Discovery. When QlikView applications that employ Publisher use Direct Discovery, ensure that the service account running Publisher has the required read access. If it does not, Publisher will not be able to read the Direct Discovery table during scheduled data refreshes.

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