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Color scheme

The state of a field value is shown by the color of its cell.

The following color scheme is used by default:

  • selected green
  • optional white
  • excluded gray

There are also other color codes that can be used under special circumstances:

  • alternative white/yellow
  • locked blue
  • red as a result of forced exclusion

The default colors of the default (Classic) color scheme can be modified by selecting another color schemes in the Selection Appearance group on the Document Properties: General page.

When the Show Alternatives option is enabled, QlikView displays non-selected cells in the corresponding list box as alternative values (white or light yellow), unless they are excluded by selections in other fields. They are however logically excluded, and not included in calculations made on possible (optional and selected) values. When the Show Alternatives option is disabled, QlikView displays non-selected cells as excluded (gray).

The selection style Windows Checkboxes does not make use of this color scheme.