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NPrinting On-Demand


NPrinting On-Demand

You can create reports based on Qlik NPrinting templates by using the On-Demand feature available in the QlikView WebView interface. For more information about installing the On-Demand Add-on and creating On-Demand reports, see the following section:

Create a Qlik NPrinting report in QlikView

  1. In the QlikView WebView interface, click the On-Demand button in the toolbar.

    The Qlik Nprinting window opens.

  2. Click Create a report.
  3. Click a report to select the Qlik NPrinting report template that you want to use.
  4. Select an export format for the report.
  5. Click Generate report.

The report status will be listed as In queue. When the report is complete, you can download a copy to your computer.