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On the General tab, the current task can be enabled and disabled, and the status is presented.



To enable the task, tick this check box. To disable the task, untick this check box.

Note: A disabled task does not perform any work, but it will still run, which means that any task chain will just skip this task. To completely disable a task, disable all triggers, which means that any task after this task, in a chain, will not run.

Task Name

To edit the name of the task, enter the preferred name in this text box.

Note: The Task Name must be unique; if it is not, a suffix number will be added to make it unique, for example, 'MyTask' will become 'MyTask (2)'.

Publisher Group

To create a dedicated task, select a publisher group from the dropdown selection.

Task Description

To edit the description of the task, enter the preferred description in this text box.

Show Task Details


A summary of the task set for the document, including recipients and triggers.

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