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VBScript Function Calls from Script


VBScript Function Calls from Script

VBScript or JScript functions defined in the macro module of a QlikView document can be called from the script. If a function called is not recognized as a standard script function, a check will be made to see if a custom functions resides in the module. This gives you a large degree of freedom to define your own functions. Using custom macro functions will of course be somewhat slower than executing the standard functions.

rem *************************************************

rem ***THIS IS VBSCRIPT CODE FROM THE MODULE********* rem**************************************************

rem ********* Global variables ********************

dim flag

rem *******functions accessible from script *********

rem ************ wrap for input box ******************

function VBin(prompt)


end function


rem ************ clear global flag ******************

function VBclearFlag()


end function

rem ********* test if reference has passed ***********

function VBrelPos(Ref, Current)

if Ref=Current then



elseif flag=0 then

VBRelPos="Before "&Ref&" in table"


VBRelPos="After "&Ref&" in table"

end if

end function

// **************************************************

// *************THIS IS THE SCRIPT *****************

// *************************************************


let MaxPop=VBin('Max population in millions :');

// Ask limit


let RefCountry=VBin('Reference country :');

// Ask ref.


let dummy=VBclearFlag(); // Clears the global flag








as RelativePos

from country1.csv

(ansi, txt, delimiter is ',', embedded labels)

where "Population(mio)" <= $(MaxPop);

Transfer of Parameters

The following rules apply for parameter transfer of parameters between the load script and VBScript:

  • Missing parameters are passed as NULL
  • If the actual expression evaluates to a valid number, the number is passed, else if the actual expression evaluates to a valid string, the string is passed, else NULL is passed.
  • NULL is passed as VT_EMPTY.
  • Return values are treated in a natural way.