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User Preferences: Mail

Here you can make settings for sending e-mail from QlikView. In order to use this functionality access to an SMTP server is required .

In the Sender group it is possible to specify the Name and e-mail Address that will appear as sender on e-mail sent by QlikView.

Under Encoding it is possible to change the character code page used for sending e-mail, if there are problems with the current setting.

Checking Send MIME encoded in order to encode e-mail can also be helpful.

In the Server group it is possible to specify settings for the SMTP server to be used for outgoing e-mail from QlikView.

Note: QlikView supports unencrypted communication with the SMTP server.
Address The address (URL or IP number) used for the SMTP server.
Port The port used by the SMTP server.
Authentication method Select an authentication method from the list, if authentication is required by the SMTP server.
User ID The user ID used for authentication.
Password The password used for authentication.