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User Preferences: Design

In the Script and Macro Shortcuts group it is possible to customize keyboard shortcuts for certain actions in the script debug dialog.

Generate a list of all available keyboard shortcuts in the script by typing Ctrl+QS in the script.

Edit Select a command from the list and click the Change button to customize the keyboard shortcut for the command.

There are two optional Key Bindings:

Visual Basic Sets the keyboard shortcuts to defaults familiar to the Visual Basic debugging environment.
Visual C++ Sets the keyboard shortcuts to defaults familiar to the Visual C++ debugging environment.


Always Use Logfiles for New Documents A log file (.log) will be generated when the script is executed. The file will contain a timestamp for start and finish, the executed script lines, number of rows generated by the script lines and, if the script execution was unsuccessful, an error message.
File Wizard Sample Size Specifies the number of records read into the table file wizard in order to analyze a table being read.
Default Scripting Engine Choose between VBScript and JScript.
Design Grid Settings Snap Step (mm)
Sets the distance between the snap points when the design grid is displayed.
Line Distance (mm)
Sets the distance between the grid lines when the design grid is displayed.
Default Margin Unit Here it is possible to select whether the default unit for margins in the Print: Layout page should be cm or inch.
Default Styling Mode Choose one of the available modes for the object style of all the sheet objects. The mode chosen will be used as default for all new documents.
Default Sheet Object Style Choose one of the available styles for the sheet object style in this drop-down. The style selected will be used for all sheet objects in the document.
Default Theme Here it is possible to select a QlikView theme which will be set as the default theme in newly created documents. The selected theme must be accessible from disc at all times in order to be used. It is also important that the theme used is defined for all types of objects that may occur in a QlikView document.
At the bottom of the drop-down list there is a Browse... command in case the theme file resides in another location than in the default QlikView theme catalog. If no default theme is specified, new documents will be created without default theme.
Always Show Design Menu Items If this checkbox is marked all design menu options will be available on the context menu at all times.
If unchecked some design menu options will only be available when the Design Grid command of the View menu is turned on.