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Sizing and moving chart components

Many of the individual chart components can be resized or moved to suit your preferences.

By pressing the Shift and Ctrl keys and keeping them depressed while a chart is active you will enter the chart layout edit mode. In edit mode, thin red rectangles will appear around those components of the chart that can be sized or moved. Use the mouse drag and drop technique to move things around.

The following components can be edited:

The chart title and chart legend can be both moved and resized. They can be docked to the top, bottom, left and right border of the chart and also be positioned free-floating anywhere within the chart.

Free-floating chart text can be moved to a position anywhere in the chart. The outlining rectangle can be resized to accommodate longer or multiline text.

The areas taken up by the chart axes and their labels can be resized.

Cycle expression icons and fast chart type change icons can be moved to a free-floating position anywhere within the chart.

The plot area itself cannot be resized or moved in edit mode, but will be drawn in the available space between the axes and docked legend and title.