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The binary statement is used for loading the data from another QlikView document, including section access data. It does not load the layout information or variables.

We recommend that you only load data with the binary statement from documents with an optimized data model, that is, a data model that does not contain synthetic keys. If you load data from a document containing synthetic keys that only reference other synthetic keys, the entire data set may not be loaded.

Synthetic keys

Note: Only one binary statement is allowed in the script and it must be the first statement of the script, even before the SET statements usually located at the beginning of the script.


binary [path] filename


Argument Description
filename The name of the file, including the file extension .qvw.

The path to the file, either absolute, or relative to the .qvw file containing this script line. An absolute path is required if the file is not located in the QlikView path.

  • absolute

    Example: c:\data\

  • relative to the document containing this script line.

    Example: data\