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Reference Lines

The Reference Lines dialog may vary slightly in appearance depending on the kind of chart that is used. A reference line is a line intersecting the chart plot area from a given point on one or both axes. It may be used, for example, to indicate a certain level or percentiles of chart data. The reference line is only drawn if it falls within the current range of the axis from which it origins.

Label Enter a label to be drawn next to the reference line. The default value used is the expression. The label may be defined as a calculated expression.
Show Label in Chart Enable this setting if the label should appear next to the reference line.

Sets from which axis the reference line should originate:
Continuous X
The reference line originates from the x-axis. This option is only available if the chart has a continuous x-axis.
Primary Y
The reference line originates from the primary y-axis (left/bottom).
Secondary Y
The reference line originates from the secondary y-axis (right/top).

Definition Sets the value at which the reference line should be drawn. The value be either a fixed Percentile (enter a value between 1 and 100 in the edit box) of the current chart data or an arbitrary numeric Expression.
Line Formatting Defines the layout of the reference line:
Specifies the weight of the reference line. The value can be specified in mm, cm, inches (", inch), pixels (px, pxl, pixel), points (pt, pts, point) or docunits (du, docunit).
Sets the color for the reference line.
Specifies the style for the reference line, for example, continuous, dashed or dotted.
Show Specifies the condition for displaying the reference line.
The reference line will always be displayed.
The reference line will be displayed or hidden depending on a conditional expression which will be evaluated each time the chart is to be drawn. The reference line will only be visible when the expression returns true.