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Navigation Toolbar

The QlikView navigation toolbar contains buttons for the most frequently needed functions when using QlikView for analyzing data. To toggle the navigation toolbar on or off choose Navigation Toolbar under Toolbars on the View menu. The text below refers to the default contents of the Navigation Toolbar.

Clear Clicking on this button applies the start selection of a QlikView document, which can be configured, see Set Clear State below. The drop-down menu offers the following options.
The start selection of a QlikView document. This command can also be invoked by the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+D.
Clear All
Clears all selections, excluding locked ones.
Unlock and Clear all
Unlocks and clears all selections.
Clear Specific State
Clears the selections of a specific state.
Set Clear State
Sets the current selection as Clear State.
Reset Clear State
Resets Clear State to no selections.
Back Reverts to the preceding logical (selection) state. Applies to value selections and all the commands in the Edit menu except Copy and Copy Mode. QlikView maintains a list of the 100 latest states. Each Back command will take one step further back in the list.
Forward Reverts to the logical state before a Back command. It is possible to toggle between two states by alternating between the Back and Forward commands.
Lock (Selections) Locks all the current value selections in the entire document.
Unlock (Selections) Unlocks all the currently locked value selections in the entire document.

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