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Here the Font, Font style and Size of the font to be used can be set.

The font can be set for any single object (Object Properties: Font), or all objects in a document (Apply to Objects on Document Properties: Font).

Further, the default document fonts for new objects can be set on Document Properties: Font. There are two default fonts:

  1. The first default font (List Boxes, Charts, etc) is used for most objects, including list boxes and charts.
  2. The second default font (Text Objects and Buttons) is used for buttons and text boxes, which are objects that usually need a larger font.

Finally, the default fonts for new documents can be set on User Preferences: Font.

For charts, buttons and text objects (except search objects) a font Color can also be specified. The color may Fixed or it can be dynamically Calculated from an expression. The expression must be a valid color representation, which is created using the color functions. If the result of the expression is not a valid color representation, the font color will default to black.

Color functions

Additional settings are:

Drop Shadow If this option is checked a drop shadow will be added to the text.
Underline If this option is checked the text will be underlined.

A sample of the selected font is shown in the preview pane.