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Document Properties: Security

In this property tab it is possible to set the User Privileges on the document level. By default, all the options are checked (on). People with administrator privileges can always access this dialog and change the settings. The settings can however prevent ordinary users from altering the document in a number of ways. The options are:

Reduce Data

Permission to use the command Reduce Data.

Reduce Data.

Add Sheets Permission to add more sheets to the document.
Edit Script

Permission to access the Edit Script dialog.

Reload Permission to run the load script.
Note: The permissions to Reload and Partial Reload (see below) data are automatically disabled by the operation Reduce Data - Keep Possible Values, which is performed from the File Menu.
Partial Reload

Permission to run a partial reload.

Partial Reload.

Edit Module

Permission to access the Edit Module dialog.

Edit Module

Save Document (Users) Permission to save the document with USER privileges.
Access Document Properties (Users) Permission to access the Settings: Document Properties with USER privileges.
Promote/Demote Sheets Permission to use the Promote Sheet and Demote Sheet commands.
Allow Export Permission to use any Export, Print or Copy to Clipboard commands.
Allow Print (When Export Is Prohibited) Overrules the Allow Export settings for printing purposes (only).
Access Tabrow Properties Permission to access the Tabrow Properties.
Macro Override Security Overrides any security settings by means of macros and commands via automation.
Show All Sheets and Objects Overrules conditional display of sheets and sheet objects, thus everything becomes visible. This functionality can be toggled by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S.
Show Progress for Hidden Script Show it in the script progress dialog while executing hidden script.
Allow User Reload Permission to reload the script when the document is opened in USER mode. When it is deselected, reload is not possible, even if the Reload check box above is selected.
Admin Override Security Overrides any security settings on document or sheet level by logging in as Administrator.
Module Password

Allowing to set a password for accessing the Edit Module dialog. To change the password, click the Module Password button again.

Edit Module