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Customizing QlikView toolbars in large deployments

Enabling and Disabling Interactive Toolbar Customization

Toolbars and menus in QlikView are fully customizable. The interactive customization can be turned on and off by means of the two settings in Settings.ini.

The ini file is found in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\productname.




Setting the value to 1 enables interactive customization whereas the value 0 prevents it.

Note: Before changing these settings, make sure the application is closed.

Enforcing toolbar settings on large numbers of computers

To duplicate the toolbar settings between computers:

  1. Customize the toolbars on one computer.
  2. Copy the file Settings.ini.
Note: The QlikView versions of the source and target computers should be the same in order to guarantee 100% functionality.

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