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Round() returns the result of rounding x up or down to the nearest multiple of step [+ offset]. The default value of offset is 0. The default value of step is 1.

If x is exactly in the middle of an interval, it is rounded upwards.


Round(x[, step[, offset]])

Return data type: numeric

Note: If you are rounding a floating point number you may experience results that are erroneous. These mostly insignificant rounding errors are due to that floating point numbers are represented by a finite number of binary digits. That results in QlikView calculating with a number that is already rounded. If it is critical to have correct rounding, a workaround is to multiply the numbers to convert them to integers.

Examples and results:  

Examples Results

Round( 3.8 )

Returns 4

Round( 3.8, 4 )

Returns 4

Round( 2.5 )

Returns 3. Rounded up because 2.5 is exactly half of the default step interval.

Round( 2, 4 )

Returns 4. Rounded up because 2 is exactly half of the step interval of 4.

Round( 2, 6 )

Returns 0. Rounded down because 2 is less than half of the step interval of 6.

Round( 3.88 , 0.1 )

Returns 3.9

Round( 3.88 , 5 )

Returns 5

Round( 1.1 , 1 , 0.5 )

Returns 1.5