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GetSelectedCount() finds the number of selected (green) values in a field.


GetSelectedCount (field_name [, include_excluded])

Return data type: integer


Arguments Description
field_name The field containing the range of data to be measured.
include_excluded If set to True(), the count will include selected values, which are currently excluded by selections in other fields. If False or omitted, these values will not be included.
state_name The name of an alternate state. If specified, the counted value for the field in the alternate state is returned. If no alternate state is provided, the default state is used.

Examples and results:  

The following example uses three fields loaded to different list boxes, one for First name name, one for Initials and one for Has cellphone.

Examples Results

Given that John is selected in First name.

GetSelectedCount ([First name])

1 as one value is selected in First name.

Given that John is selected in First name.

GetSelectedCount ([Initials])

0 as no values are selected in Initials.

With no selections in .First name, select all values in Initials and after that select the value Yes in Has cellphone.

GetSelectedCount ([Initials], True())

6. Although selections with InitialsMC and PD have Has cellphone set to No, the result is still 6, because the argument include_excluded is set to True().

Data used in example:


LOAD * inline [

"First name"|"Last name"|Initials|"Has cellphone"



Mark|Carr|MC |No



Peter|Franc|PF|Yes ] (delimiter is '|');