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Bookmarks dialog

The Bookmarks dialog can be opened by clicking More... in the Bookmarks menu. It is divided into two tabs (local documents) or five tabs (server documents), one for document bookmarks, one for user bookmarks, one for the personal server bookmarks (server documents only), one for other users' shared bookmarks (server documents only) and one for temporary bookmarks (server documents only).

At the top of the dialog a list of all bookmarks currently defined for the QlikView document are found. The bookmarks are described and may be sorted by several columns:

Show Enable this option if the bookmark should appear in bookmark object listings and in the Bookmarks menu. If the check box is left unchecked, the bookmark will not appear in those places, but will remain accessible via this dialog.
Name Name of the bookmarks. To sort the bookmarks in alphabetical order, click the header of the column. If clicked twice, the bookmarks are sorted in reverse alphabetical order.
+ If the check box is marked for a bookmark, that bookmark will be applied without first clearing existing selections in the document. A bookmark can only be applied on top of existing selections if they do not conflict with the selections in the document.
Layout If the bookmark was created complete with layout information, use the checkbox to toggle the layout setting for the bookmark. When the layout setting is on, the program will attempt to recreate the layout that prevailed when the bookmark was created. This includes switching to the correct sheet and updating the layout of any sheet objects on that sheet.

This setting cannot be used to add layout information to a bookmark that was originally created without it.
Created Timestamp information on when bookmarks were created.

This is used for marco purposes. Every sheet object is assigned a unique ID. We recommend that you use alphanumeric characters only in the ID. For bookmarks, the ID starts with BM01. Linked objects share the same object ID. You may edit this ID number later on. This means it is possible to have a document bookmark and a server bookmark with the same ID.

A bookmark ID may be changed via a macro to any other string that is currently not used as ID for any other bookmark, sheet or sheet object in the document. Renaming the bookmark does not change the bookmark ID. Exporting and then importing a bookmark will create a new bookmark ID. The bookmark ID may be preceded by a prefix describing its type (document, user etc.).

Internal Macro Interpreter

Popup If info text has been added to the bookmark, checking this alternative shows it as a popup text.
Info Text If info text has been added to the bookmark, it is displayed here.
Share This check box is only available in the My Server Bookmarks page. By marking it for one of the personal server bookmarks, it makes that bookmark available to other authenticated users of the same server document in their Shared Server Bookmarks page. The bookmark will stay in the My Server Bookmarks page and will not appear in the Shared Server Bookmarks page. It is possible to revoke the sharing at any time by deselecting the check box.

At the bottom of the dialog , you find a number of buttons that can be used to perform actions with the bookmark currently selected in the list above.

Select Displays the selected bookmark on the screen.
Replace Replaces the selected bookmark with the current selections. Only bookmarks that you have created can be replaced.
Rename Opens the Rename Bookmark dialog where it is possible to specify a new name for the bookmark. Only bookmarks that you have created can be renamed.
Remove Removes the selected bookmark. Only bookmarks that you have created can be removed.
Clear All Removes all bookmarks in the current pane of the dialog. Only bookmarks that you have created can be removed.
Set Clear State Click this button if you want to use the selection of the highlighted bookmark as clear state.
Edit Info Here it is possible to edit the info text.
Import After browsing for and selecting a previously saved bookmark (.qbm) file, the Import Bookmarks dialog will open to import bookmarks.
Export Opens the Export Bookmarks dialog where it is possible to export selected bookmarks to a QlikView bookmark (.qbm) file.
Promote Moves the selected bookmark one step up in the list. It is also possible to do this by clicking and dragging it to any position in the list.
Demote Moves the selected bookmark one step down in the list.
Move Local User Bookmarks to Server This text only appears when working with a server document and in the User Bookmarks tab. By clicking on the text it is possible to convert all the local user bookmarks to server bookmarks, stored in the server repository. This is a recommended practice as the personal server bookmarks will stay accessible via the server even if changing computer or if the server document is renamed. Before the conversion takes place, the system asks for confirmation. The conversion is all-or-nothing (within the active document) and one-way only.