Server Objects

On the Server Objects tab, users are authorized to create server objects in the current document.

Allow Creation of Server Objects

To allow users to create server objects, tick this check box. To deny users to create server objects, untick this check box.

Note: When the check box is unticked, no server objects, except server bookmarks, can be created. For server bookmarks, unticking the check box only affects the possibility to share the bookmarks with other users.

User Type

To manage the authorization of users and groups, click on one of the following drop-down list options:

All Authenticated Users, meaning that any authenticated user is authorized.

Named Users, meaning that users that should be authorized are manually added, by searching for users and groups in a domain or on a computer (the names are resolved by the Directory Service Connector).

Add Users and Groups

If Named Users was chosen in the User Type field, do the following:

  • Default Scope
  • Select the directory to be searched, in the drop-down list.

  • Search for Users and Groups
  • Enter the desired search term(s) in this text box, to find a user or a group, and click on the Search icon, .

    User Management Search Functions

  • Search Result
  • This box presents the result of the search, using the desired criteria.

  • Add >
  • To add a user or a group, click on it in the Search Result box and click on this button. Several items can be added at the same time.

  • Selected Users
  • This box presents the selected users and groups.

  • < Delete
  • To deselect a user or a group, click on it in the Selected Users box and click on this button. Several items can be deselected at the same time.

  • << Delete All
  • To deselect all of the users and groups from the Selected Users box, click on this button.