Starting QlikView

Start QlikView from the Start menu, Programs or double-clicking on a QlikView document.

To start QlikView from the command line, use the parameters described in the following section.

Command Line Syntax

The QlikView command line invocation can be described by the following syntax:

[ path ]Qv.exe[ { switch } documentfile ]

The path is the path to the file, either absolute, or relative to the current directory.

documentfile::= [ path ] documentfilename

documentfilename is the name of the document file.

switch is used to mark different options:


Reload switch. The document will be opened and the script reloaded. Thereafter the document will be saved, and QlikView will close itself.


The same as above, but with a partial reload.


Load new data. The document will be opened and the script reloaded. The document will not be saved and QlikView will remain open.


The same as above, but with a partial reload.


If this switch is immediately followed by a variable name and an assignment, the variable will obtain the assigned value before the script execution starts.

Note: When /v is used together with /nodata, the variable will keep its current value and will not obtain the assigned value.


Opens the document without table and field data. This feature is also available for previously opened documents on the Start page.


Overrides QlikView security measures against hostile macros and scripts embedded in QlikView documents. No warning dialogs prompting the user to accept potentially harmful code will be shown. Use this switch with caution and only with well-known documents.


qv.exe /r/vMyvar=123 abc.qvw


In order to avoid error messages to appear when executing scripts in batch mode, always set the script variable errormode to 0 in the script.

Error variables