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Select Fields


Select Fields

The Sheet Properties: Fields page is opened by the command Select Fields... in the Layout menu on the Main menu. Here you can select the fields to display on the currently active sheet.

Available Fields In this column the names of the data source fields are shown. Initially all fields (excluding System fields) appear in this column. To include the system fields, check Show System Fields.
Fields Displayed in Listboxes In this column the names of the fields selected from the Available Fields list to be shown on the current sheet are shown. Initially no fields are in this column.
Add > Moves selected fields in the Available Fields column into the Fields Displayed in Listboxes column.
Add All >> Moves all fields in the Available Fields column into the Fields Displayed in Listboxes column.
< Remove Moves selected fields in the Fields Displayed in Listboxes column into the Available Fields column.
Show Fields from Table From here, you control what fields appear in the Available Fields list. The drop-down list displays the alternative All Tables by default.
The alternative All Tables (Qualified) shows the fields qualified by the name of the table(s) they occur in. This means that key (connecting) fields will be listed more than once. (This alternative is only used for viewing purposes and has nothing to do with Qualify fields in the load script.)
It is also possible to view the fields of one table at a time.
Show System Fields Makes system fields appear in the list of Available fields.
OK Changes are put into effect.
Cancel Cancels any changes and closes the dialog box.

Select the fields to be used/removed by clicking on them, and use the Add> or <Remove buttons to move them to the desired column. All fields shown in the two columns are included in the logic of QlikView, but only the ones to the right are displayed in the current sheet.

The field List Boxes in which the selected fields are shown are in the sheet default configuration. To change the appearance of a list box, right-click on it and select Properties in the object float menu.

It is not possible to select fields that are not listed. For this, a new script must be executed.