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LINEST_SSRESID - script function

LINEST_SSRESID() returns the aggregated residual sum of squares of a linear regression defined by the equation y=mx+b for a series of coordinates represented by paired numbers in x-expression and y-expression iterated over a number of records as defined by a group by clause.


LINEST_SSRESID (y-value, x-value[, y0 [, x0 ]])

Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
y_value The expression or field containing the range of y-values to be measured.
x_value The expression or field containing the range of x-values to be measured.
y(0), x(0)

An optional value y0 may be stated forcing the regression line to pass through the y-axis at a given point. By stating both y0 and x0 it is possible to force the regression line to pass through a single fixed coordinate.

Unless both y0 and x0 are stated, the function requires at least two valid data-pairs to calculate. If y0 and x0 are stated, a single data pair will do. 


Text values, NULL values and missing values in any or both pieces of a data-pair result in the entire data-pair being disregarded.

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