Rename table

This script function renames one or more existing QlikView internal table(s) after they have been loaded.

Either syntax: rename table or rename tables can be used.


Rename Table (using mapname | oldname to newname{ , oldname to newname })

Rename Tables (using mapname | oldname to newname{ , oldname to newname })


Argument Description
mapname The name of a previously loaded mapping table containing one or more pairs of old and new table names.
oldname The old table name.
newname The new table name.


Two differently named tables cannot be renamed to having the same name. The script will run without errors, but the second table will not be renamed.

Example 1:  


SELECT * from Trans;

Rename Table Tab1 to Xyz;

Example 2:  


Mapping LOAD oldnames, newnames from tabnames.csv;

Rename Tables using TabMap;