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The NullAsValue statement specifies for which fields that NULL should be converted to a value.


NullAsValue *fieldlist


By default, QlikView considers NULL values to be missing or undefined entities. However, certain database contexts imply that NULL values are to be considered as special values rather than simply missing values. The fact that NULL values are normally not allowed to link to other NULL values can be suspended by means of the NullAsValue statement.

The NullAsValue statement operates as a switch and will operate on subsequent loading statements. It can be switched off again by means of the NullAsNull statement.


Argument Description
*fieldlist A comma separated list of the fields for which NullAsValue should be turned on. Using * as field list indicates all fields. The wildcard characters * and ? are allowed in field names. Quoting of field names may be necessary when wildcards are used.


NullAsValue A,B;

Set NullValue = 'NULL';

LOAD A,B from x.csv;

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