This clause is used with the Info prefix or the Bundle prefix to resize images from a database management system to fit in the fields.


Bundle [Image_Size(width,height )] ( loadstatement | selectstatement )


Argument Description
width The width of the image specified in pixels.
height The height of the image specified in pixels.


A thumbnail for each image in the folder MyPictures will be stored in the QlikView document. The images keep their width and height ratio.

for each vBundleExt in 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'jpe', 'png', 'jif', 'jfi'

for each vBundleFoundFile in filelist( GetFolderPath('MyPictures') & '\*.'& vBundleExt )


BUNDLE IMAGE_SIZE(20, 20) Info Load FileLongName, FileLongName;

Load @1:n as FileLongName Inline "$(vBundleFoundFile)" (fix, no labels);

Next vBundleFoundFile

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