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Hidden Script

A hidden script is a special part of the script, which will be executed before the normal script at each Reload. The hidden script is protected by a password.

When choosing Edit Hidden Script from the File menu in the Edit Script dialog you will be prompted for a password, which will be required before giving access to the hidden script again. If it is the first time accessing hidden script in a document (thereby creating one) the new password has to be confirmed. After this the Hidden Script tab will appear to the left of all other script tabs and remain there until the document is closed.

Note: If a hidden script is used, the binary command cannot be used in the normal script.
Note: The Progress dialog will not be updated during the execution of a hidden script, unless Show Progress for Hidden Script is marked in Document Properties: Security page. No entries, other than Trace statements, will be included in the script log file.
Note: If the hidden script contains a section access, such a section will not be permitted in the normal script or in a script starting with a binary load of the QlikView file containing the hidden script.

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