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File Wizard: Type - Fixed Record

Header Size Here it is possible to omit the header part of the file: a specified number of lines or bytes (only for delimited, fixed record and Excel files).
Record Size Specify the size of a record to be a specified number of lines or a specified number of bytes (only for fixed record files).
Char Set The character set of the table file is set here. If the desired character set is not available in the drop-down menu, choose Custom. This opens the Codepage selector dialog, where it is possible to choose among the character sets installed on the computer.
Ignore EOF Sometimes a special character is used to mark the end of the file. In case this character is found in the middle of a text file (for example enclosed by quotation marks) you can enable this option to ignore it.
Tab Size The length of a tab set in spaces.
Embedded Labels... Embeds the labels. Should be used if the field names are stored in the first line of the table.
Analyze Fix Positions Analyzes and sets the columns widths for fix record files and for some HTML tables. After the analysis, column breaks can be added or removed in the preview pane.
Clear Fix Positions Clears all column breaks (for fix record files and for some HTML tables).