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Logic in databases


Logic in databases

Several tables from a database application can be included simultaneously in the QlikView logic. When a field exists in more than one table, the tables are logically linked through this key field.

When a value is selected, all values compatible with the selection(s) are displayed as optional. All other values are displayed as excluded.

If values from several fields are selected, a logical AND is assumed.

If several values of the same field are selected, a logical OR is assumed.

In some cases, selections within a field can be set to logical AND.

If Info display of a field is desired, a two-column table must be included in the script. The first column of the table must contain values of the field, the second the information associated with the field value.. The first column must have the field name as heading. A special script syntax of the LOAD/SELECT statement tells QlikView to treat this table as an Information table.