ValueLoop - chart function

ValueLoop() returns a set of iterated values which, when used in a calculated dimension, will form a synthetic dimension.

The values generated will start with the from value and end with the to value including intermediate values in increments of step.

Note: In charts with a synthetic dimension created with the ValueLoop function it is possible to reference the dimension value corresponding to a specific expression cell by restating the ValueLoop function with the same parameters in the chart expression. The function may of course be used anywhere in the layout, but apart from when used for synthetic dimensions it will only be meaningful inside an aggregation function.
Note: Synthetic dimensions are not affected by selections.


ValueLoop(from [, to [, step ]])

Return data type: dual


Arguments Description
from Start value in the set of values to be generated.
to End value in the set of values to be generated.
step Size of increment between values.

Examples and results:  

Example Result
ValueLoop(1, 10)

This creates a dimension in a table, for example, that can be used for purposes such as numbered labeling. The example here results in values numbered 1 to 10. These values can then be referenced in an expression.

ValueLoop(2, 10,2)

This example results in values numbered 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 because the argument step has a value of 2.

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