RangeCorrel - script and chart function

RangeCorrel() returns the correlation coefficient for two sets of data. The correlation coefficient is a measure of the relationship between the data sets.


RangeCorrel(x_values , y_values[, Expression])

Return data type: numeric

Data series should be entered as (x,y) pairs. For example, to evaluate two series of data, array 1 and array 2, where the array 1 = 2,6,9 and array 2 = 3,8,4 you would write RangeCorrel (2,3,6,8,9,4) which returns 0.269.


Argument Description
x-value, y-value Each value represents a single value or a range of values as returned by an inter-record functions with a third optional parameter. Each value or range of values must correspond to an x-value or a range of y-values.
Expression Optional expressions or fields containing the range of data to be measured.


The function needs at least two pairs of coordinates to be calculated.

Text values, NULL values and missing values return NULL.

Examples and results:  

Examples Results

RangeCorrel (2,3,6,8,9,4)

Returns 0.269