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The toolbar at the top in the web browser window contains the following icons:

Applies the start selection of the QlikView document.
Moves one step back in the list of selections.
Moves one step forward in the list of selections, provided that you have previously used the Back button.
Undoes the last layout action.
Redoes the latest undone layout action.
Locks all the selected cells.
Unlocks all the locked cells.
Opens the current selections window.

Opens the Notes and Commentswindow where you can view notes.

Notes and Comments

Opens the Repository dialog.


Opens the New Sheet Object dialog where you can choose an object to drag to the sheet.

New Sheet Object

Opens the Fields dialog.


Opens the Add Bookmark dialog. In order to access a shared bookmark, it has to be added from the repository. From the repository, select Edit and check Show in my favorites.

Add Bookmark (Bookmark Object)

Opens a list of all bookmarks in the document. Select a bookmark to delete it.
The drop-down contains a list of all bookmarks in the document.
The drop-down contains a list of all reports in the document.
Opens help.