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Access Restriction Table Wizard


Access Restriction Table Wizard

The Access Restriction Table Wizard dialog is opened from the Insert menu, Section Access, Inline. It is used to generate a Load Inline statement for access control to the QlikView document.

The dialog contains the following commands:

Fields to Use The list contains all the possible security fields in a QlikView section access. Mark the check box for those you wish to include.
Basic User Access Table Press this button to mark ACCESS, USERID and PASSWORD while unmarking the other fields.
Basic NT Security Press this button to mark ACCESS, PASSWORD, NTNAME and NTDOMAINSID while unmarking the other fields.

When closing the dialog with OK, the Inline Data Wizard will be opened with the selected fields as column labels. After you press OK in this dialog, a Load Inline statement preceded by a Section statement and succeeded by a Section Application statement will be created.

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