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QlikView is a business discovery platform that enables you to analyze business data and make data discoveries. This help site contains guidance on build QlikView documents and analyzing data, installing, deploying, and administering QlikView.

Getting started with QlikView

Download a free version of the software, as well as tutorials and demos showing you how to get started building QlikView documents for analyzing your data.

Working with QlikView

Learn how to create and build QlikView documents to analyze your data, and how to prepare them for others to use.


Here you can download QlikView pdf manuals.

Deploying QlikView

This section contains information on planning the installation and deployment of QlikView Server.

You will also find details on how to upgrade your QlikView Server installation, backup and restore it, and migrate to another machine.

Planning QlikView Deployments

Installing QlikView Server

Upgrading and migrating QlikView Server

Administering QlikView

In this section you will find information on how to configure, maintain, and manage a QlikView Server installation.

You can also find out how to manage various QlikView resources with the QlikView Management Console (QMC).