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Import Bookmarks

Bookmarks are imported to a bookmark file by choosing Import... from the Bookmarks menu. It opens a browse dialog where a QlikView bookmark file (.qbm extension) can be selected. The Import Bookmark dialog will then open.

In the Import Bookmarks dialog, a list of all bookmarks that are included in the selected bookmark file, are found.

Note: Bookmarks should only be imported to a QlikView document containing fields and field values to which the bookmarks refer.
Bookmarks Available for Import To the left all the bookmarks which were defined in the bookmark file are listed.
Current Bookmarks To the right a list of existing user bookmarks or document bookmarks in the document is shown. Bookmarks must be imported either as a user bookmark or as a document bookmark. The radio buttons at the top of the dialog governs how the bookmark is imported.
Import Highlight one or more bookmarks in the Bookmarks Available for Import list and press this button to import them.
Rename Opens the Rename Bookmark dialog where a new name for the highlighted bookmark can be specified before import.

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