Statistics Box Properties: Options


Some options may not be available for all objects.

Read Only Makes the chart read only, that is selections cannot be made by clicking or painting with the mouse in the chart.
Allow Move/Size If this option has been deselected it will be impossible to move or resize the sheet object.
Allow Copy/Clone If this option has been deselected it will be impossible to make a copy of the sheet object. This setting may not be handled by all clients.
Size Object to Data Normally the borders around all table sheet objects in QlikView will shrink when selections cause the size of the table to be less than allocated size for the sheet object. By deselecting this check box this automatic adjustment of size will be turned off leaving any surplus space blank.
Allow Show Info in Caption When the Info function is in use an info icon will be displayed in the window caption whenever a field value has information associated to it. If you don't want the info icon to be displayed in the caption, you can uncheck this option. Only available for list box, statistics box, multi box and input box.
Preserve Scroll Position When marking this check box and the corresponding one in the User Preferences, Objects dialog, QlikView will preserve the vertical scroll position when a selection in table objects has been made.
Use Show Condition The sheet object will be shown or hidden depending on a conditional expression which will be evaluated continuously depending on e.g. selections etc. The sheet object will only be visible when the condition returns true. The value may be entered as a calculated formula. Click to open the Edit Expression dialog.
Normal Specify the position of the object by setting Left and Top margins, and Width and Height of the object.
Minimized Specify the position of the minimized sheet object by setting Left and Top margins, and Width and Height of the minimized object.


Owner Domain and User Id of the owner.
Share Object Enable to share objects with other users. Enabling this selection will enable the settings below.
Share with Choose either Share with everyone or Share by username.
Users (Domain\UserID) If Share by username is chosen a list with added users will be shown. To add users click , a row is added, highlight the row to unlock it and edit the user information. To remove users click after each user to be removed.


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