Multi Box

The multi box is a sheet object that shows several fields simultaneously.

For each field in the multi box, you will also find a selection indicator: a small beacon that will give you information on the content of the multi box. A green selection indicator shows that there are selected values, a white that there are optional values, and a gray that there are no possible values in the drop-down list.

Multi Box: Object Menu

The object menu can be opened as a context menu by right-clicking on a sheet object, or by clicking the icon in the object caption (if shown).

The commands in the menu may vary depending on whether WebView is used from inside QlikView or opening the document in a web browser. The menu contains the following commands:


Opens the Properties dialog for the active sheet object.


Allows creating and sharing notes about the current object.

See: Notes and Comments

Clear All Selections

Clears all the current selections in the active sheet object. Clicking on the icon in the object caption (if shown) produces the same result.

Lock All Selections

Locks the selected value(s) in the active sheet object. (Unavailable if no selections have been made).

Unlock All Selections

Unlocks the locked value(s) in the active sheet object. (Appears instead of Lock if selections have been locked).


Copies the selected sheet object(s) to the clipboard. This function only copies sheet objects, not data or images.


Removes the selected object from the sheet.

Multi Box Properties

The Properties dialog is opened by selecting Properties from the Object menu. If the Properties command is dimmed, you probably do not have the privileges necessary to perform property changes.

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