Line/Arrow Object

The Line/Arrow object is a sheet object that draws a line or an arrow in the layout. A line can, for example make the layout clearer by separating the documents into sections.

Line/Arrow: Object Menu

The object menu can be opened as a context menu by right-clicking on a sheet object, or by clicking the icon in the object caption (if shown).

The commands in the menu may vary depending on whether WebView is used from inside QlikView or opening the document in a web browser. The menu contains the following commands:


Opens the Properties dialog for the active sheet object.


Allows creating and sharing notes about the current object.

See: Notes and Comments


Copies the selected sheet object(s) to the clipboard. This function only copies sheet objects, not data or images.


Opens the selected sheet object(s) in tabular format in another browser window. Clicking on the icon in the object caption (if shown) produces the same result.

Send to Excel

Exports possible (including selected) values to Microsoft Excel, which is automatically launched if not already running. The exported values will appear as one column in a new Excel worksheet. For this functionality to work Microsoft Excel 97 or later must be installed on the computer. Clicking on the icon in the object caption (if shown) produces the same result.


Opens the Save as dialog where path, file name and (table) file type for the exported data content can be specified.


Removes the selected object from the sheet.

Line/Arrow Properties

The Properties dialog is opened by selecting Properties from the Object menu. This command can also be invoked by the following keyboard shortcut: Alt+Enter. If the Properties command is dimmed, you probably do not have the privileges necessary to perform property changes.


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