What’s New in QlikView 12?

Here are some of the highlights of the new and updated features of QlikView. Please refer to release notes for further details.

  • QlikView has the same QIX Engine as Qlik Sense ensuring that both products benefit from ongoing improvements in the underlying engine.

  • Improved AJAX client touch functionality.
  • A large number of security improvements has been implemented in all parts of the product. Most of these are not visible and should not be noticeable or imply any change of behavior.

  • Qlik DataMarket connector provides access to data such as currencies, population and weather.

  • Improved clustering for a higher number of nodes and more concurrent users in multi-node environments.

See the new features in this short video:

What's new in QlikView 12?


  • User documentation for the different parts of QlikView is available as online help.
  • Revamped script and chart functions documentation including examples.
  • User documentation for QlikView Developers available as online help.

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