Creating a web site

To create a new, empty web site, proceed as follows:

  1. As a Windows® system administrator, open Visual Studio.
  2. Select File > New > Web Site....

  3. The New Web Site dialog is displayed. Select the Language (Visual Basic or Visual C#) and the Location (QlikView Workbench) for the web site.

  4. There are optional QlikView Workbench templates included in the installation. These templates contain the Proxy.aspx page and settings in the Web.config file, allowing the web site to run on any machine, no matter where the QvAjaxZfc virtual directory is located. It is recommended to use these templates, even though an empty ASP web site can be used instead. Click OK to create the web site.

    When using a QlikView Workbench template, File System can be used as Location in step 3.

    The project is now created and can be viewed in the Solution Explorer, which shows the structure of the web site. The QlikViewWorkbench.dll and QlikViewWorkbench.xml items are not displayed until the QvObject has been added on a page in the solution.

    If the Solution Explorer is not displayed, select View > Solution Explorer to open it.

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