Running QvFacebookConnector in QlikView 11

To use QvFacebookConnector in QlikView 11, do the following:

  1. Start QlikView, and open <Install Folder>\Examples\Demos\QvFacebookConnector Example.qvw
  2. Open the Script editor by clicking File>Edit Script....
  3. Select QvEventLogConnectorElaborate.exe in the Database drop-down selection box.
  4. The default script loads the friends table. To load more tables, place the cursor at an empty row at the end of the script and click Metadata....
    The Select Metadata dialog is displayed.
  5. Select the movies and books tables and click OK.
    The script statements to load the two tables are generated at the end of the script.
    FROM movies;

    FROM books;
  6. The movies and books tables have the same fields (name, category, and id). For QlikView to separate them, the fields have to be manually renamed in the script:

    Load name as [Movie name] category as [Movie category] id as [Movie id]; SQL SELECT *
    FROM movies; Load name as [Book name] category as [Book category] id as [Book id]; SQL SELECT *
    FROM books;
  7. Save your document and click Reload to fetch the data from Facebook into QlikView.

  8. A Facebook login dialog pops up. Log in to Facebook with your account.

  9. If this is the first time this application is run with the logged in account, Facebook requests permissions for the application. Click Log In with Facebook to grant the permissions.

The demo application should now be loaded with the movies and books tables as well. If you want to see the loaded tables, select File->Table Viewer.