Making your connector recognizable by Qlik Sense or QlikView

For Qlik Sense and QlikView to be able to recognize an .exe file as a connector, the file version information resource must include the property “QlikView Connector”. Its value is used as a connector display name within Qlik Sense and QlikView and has to be specified.

There are a few ways to set the file version information. For example:

  • Use the provided tool verpatch.exe. Copy the file to your project directory and add the following line to your post build events:
    "$(ProjectDir)verpatch.exe" "$(TargetPath)" /s "QlikView Connector" "Qv Event Log Connector"
    For the line above to work, make sure verpatch.exe is actually located in $(ProjectDir).
  • Version information can be defined in a resource file for a C++ program. Search for “VERSIONINFO Resource” to read more about this.
  • Use third party tools (for example, Version Resource Tool):