QlikView properties

QlikView properties allows you to change the way your extension works without having to change the code. For example, the Dimensions and Expressions (Measures) properties are used to define how calculations should be performed. Other properties can be used to determine how standard parts of the object, for example the caption, should behave.

You can also define custom properties that changes how the extension works. These only affect QlikView indirectly, through your extension code.

Referencing properties

You can reference to the properties in different places.

You can set properties to constant values, or to an expression. If properties are set as expressions, QlikView will automatically reactivate your extension when the value changes.

Referencing properties in Definition.xml

Example: Define Dimensions and Measures with the Dimension and Measurement tags

<Dimension Label="Dimension" Initial="" /> 
<Measurement Label="Measure" Initial="" /> 

Example: Set values for properties with the Initiate tag

<Initiate Name="Caption.Text" Value="My Extension"/> 
<Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.0.Field" Value="MyField" />

Example: Use the Text tag to define your own properties

<Text Label="Color:" Type="color" Initial="" Expression="#FF0000"/> 
<Text Label="Border:" Type="checkbox" Initial="" Expression="1"/> 

Referencing properties in the JavaScript



Referencing properties in the QVPP


<div class='prop-grid_span-1 prop-grid_last' propicontype='singlecolor' avq='prop_dlgbutton:.Chart.Text.0.Content:Color.qvpp'></div>