QlikView properties: caption, background and layout

You can use Caption, Layout and Background properties to affect how standard parts are rendered and how they behave.

Caption properties

The following caption properties can be defined:

Caption.Show 0: No Caption
Caption.Text Caption text.

0: Left

1: Centered

2: Right


0: Top

4: Centered

8: Bottom

Caption.MultiLine.Use 1: Use multiline caption.
Caption.MultiLine Number of lines for caption.
Caption.Active.BgColor.ColorHex Background color for active caption.
Caption.Active.TextColor.ColorHex Text color for active caption.
Caption.Inactive.BgColor.ColorHex Background color for inactive caption.
Caption.Inactive.TextColor.ColorHex Text color for inactive caption.
Caption.Allow.Maximize 1: Maximize button in caption.
Caption.Allow.Minimize 1: Minimize button in caption.
Caption.Font.Name Font name for caption.
Caption.Font.Size Font size for caption.
Caption.Font.Bold 1: Bold font in caption.
Caption.Font.Italic 1: Italic font in caption.
Caption.Font.Underline 1: Underline font in caption.
Caption.HelpText Help text.
Caption.Icon.Clear 1: Clear icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.ClearOther 1: ClearOther icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.CopyData 1: CopyData icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.CopyImage 1: CopyImage icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.Lock 1: Lock icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.Menu 1: Menu icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.Print 1: Print icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.Search 1: Search icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.SelectAll 1: SelectAll icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.SelectExcluded 1: SelectExcluded icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.SelectPossible 1: SelectPossible icon in caption.
Caption.Icon.SendToExcel 1: SendToExcel icon in caption.

Background properties

The following background properties can be defined:

Background.UseImage 1: Use Image for background.
Background.Image.Image Image number to use.
Background.Color.ColorHex Background color.
Background.Color.Transparency Range is from 0 to 255.

Layout properties

The following layout properties can be defined:

Layout.Allow.MoveSize 0: Do not allow move and size
Layout.Border.Use 0: No border
Layout.Border.Width Border width
Layout.Border.Color.ColorHex Border color