QlikView APIs and SDKs

The QlikView platform exposes a rich set of APIs and SDKs that allow you to extend and customize QlikView.


The QlikView platform allows you to integrate custom data sources by using the Qlik data eXchange (QVX) SDK. It encapsulates logic in a custom connector and provides a seamless user experience.

QlikView JavaScript API

Use the QlikView JavaScript API library to build websites containing QlikView content or to build extension objects.

QlikView COM API

The QlikView COM API can be used for automation and macros, It can also be used when creating standalone windows applications with the QlikView OCX component.

QlikView COM API reference (download QV document)


The QlikView Management Service (QMS) API is exposed as a web service and provides a description of its operations and data objects in WSDL available at http://<server-name>:4799/QMS/Service by default. All communication is using SOAP over HTTP.