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In the context of web development, a mashup is a web page or web application that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface.

There are three different ways of creating mashups from QlikView documents or objects:

  • Document integration, using opendoc.htm
  • Object integration, using singleobject.htm
  • Div integration, using the Ajax JavaScript library

Selecting which approach to use

This section gives you a comparison of the integration possibilities when creating QlikView mashups.

Integration options
Functionality Document integration (opendoc.htm) Object integration (singleobject.htm) Div-integration
Integrate entire QlikView documents Yes - -
Integrate single QlikView objects - Yes Yes
Integrate objects that are interactive Yes - Yes
Multiple selections at startup Yes Yes Yes
Applying a bookmark at startup Yes Yes Yes
Passing a ticket/webticket Yes Yes Yes
Programming API - - Yes
Skills required Basic HTML Basic HTML Basic HTML + JavaScript

License requirement

QlikView Workbench has to be enabled on your QlikView server for mashups to work. This is indicated in the LEF file as:


Document and object integration overview

QlikView server comes with the ability to create mashups. The following files exist in the ..\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax folder:

  • opendoc.htm
  • singleobject.htm

They can be used to integrate a QlikView document or some QlikView objects into another website. In short, you call an URL on the QlikView server and at the same time pass parameters on which document or object to integrate. The result can then be integrated into any website using an iframe tag in the HTML.


<iframe src="http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=Sales%20Compass.qvw" />

There are several parameters available to control the output from opendoc.htm and singleobject.htm. Detailed lists of parameters and how they can be used can be found on respective topic.

Document integration

Object integration

Div integration overview

Div integration allows you to integrate QlikView objects into an existing website using the QlikView JavaScript API.

Div integration

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