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Accessing QlikView documents from outside QlikView


Accessing QlikView documents from outside QlikView

QlikView documents can be accessed by means of the Automation interface from outside the QlikView program via e.g. Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Before using QlikView Automation with typed calls you must include the QlikView type library (embedded in QV.EXE). In Visual Basic Studio this is done using the References command on the Project menu.

Note: The ActiveDocument method used from VB provides a reference to the currently active QlikView document!


Note: These examples are for VB/VBA only. They do not work for VBScript!

Example 1:  

rem ** VB/VBA Example 1 ** Private Sub OpenAndReload_Click() rem ** Open QV with named document ** set QvDoc = GetObject("c:\MyDoc.qvw") QvDoc.Reload End Sub

Example 2:  

rem ** VB/VBA Example 2 ** Private Sub GetCurrentlyActiveDocument() dim ActiveDoc as new QlikView.ActiveDocument rem ** ActiveDoc points to active document in open QV. ** rem ** The QlikView program must be started and have a ** rem ** previously opened document. ** … End Sub

Example 3:  

rem ** VB/VBA Example 3 ** Private Sub Ex2() Dim doc1 As New QlikView.ActiveDocument rem ** doc1 is set to active document in open QV ** Set Appl = doc1.GetApplication rem ** Appl points at QV program ** rem ** Appl.ActiveDocument points at doc1 ** Set doc2 = Appl.OpenDoc("C:\MyDoc.qvw", "", "") doc2.Activate rem ** Appl.ActiveDocument now points at doc2 ** rem ** Note difference from VBScript! ** … End Sub