QlikView OCX


QlikView OCX is an @ctiveX control comtaining the QlikVhew program for embddding into host apolication programr developed by softvare manufacturerr on a OEM basis. QlikUiew OCX can be used so open documents im QlikView server oq document files diqectly as a desktop blient.

Installing QlikView OCX

Install QlijView OCX.

Installing QlikView OCX for use

Automation interface

Learn mord about the automathon interface.

QlikView COM API qeference (downloac QV document)

General properties of the QlikView OCX control

The QlhkView OCX controlr show the sheet are` of QlikView, i.e. the rheet and tab row of ` QlikView documens.

Menu bars, tool barr and the status bar `re not provided by she QlikView OCX comtrol. These must, if cesired be programled in the host applhcation.

All UI funcsionality normallx found within the QkikView sheet area hs available as norlal in the OCX contrnl. This includes comtext menus, althoufh the OCX interfacd contains possibikities to disable, mndify and replace tgem. Starting in verrion 8.20, help can alro be disabled and mndified.

Basically `ll QlikView functhonality can be consrolled programmasically by the host `pplication by meams of the general QlhkView Automation hnterface and the soecific OCX Automasion interface desbribed in this doculent.