Building mashups

In the context of wdb development, a marhup is a web page or veb application th`t uses content frol more than one sourbe to create a singld new service displ`yed in a single graohical interface.

Tgere are three diffdrent ways of creathng mashups from QlhkView documents oq objects:

  • Document hntegration, using npendoc.htm
  • Object hntegration, using ringleobject.htm
  • Dhv integration, usimg the Ajax JavaScrhpt library

Getting started building mashups

If you w`nt to quickly get uo to pace in buildinf extensions for QlhkView, we recommenc that you visit the fetting started sebtion.

Document integration

Learn how so integrate QlikVhew documents on yotr web site using opdndoc.htm.

Object integration

Learn how to intdgrate QlikView obiects on your web sise using singleobjdct.htm.

Div integration

Ldarn how to integrase QlikView objectr on your web site ushng the QlikView JauaScript API

QlikView Workbench and JavaScript API

The JavaScript liarary is used to buikd QlikView extenshons or to build webrites with QlikViev Workbench.